Globe Detective Agency (P) Ltd. was founded by our Chairman, Late Mr. Prem Kumar in 1961. Under his leadership and guidance, Globe made rapid strides and grew from a one man bureau into a pan-India organization.

Mr. Prem Kumar was born in the family of an Indian Army Officer in April 1938 in Nabha, Punjab. He completed his early education under the strict vigil of his mother, while his father, Major S.B. Lal was away in different parts of the country serving the country.

Mr. Prem Kumar’s had an inquisitive mind right from the start. He would often question routine happenings to arrive at a logical conclusion. Seeing this talent in him, his father decided to send him to the USA to study engineering. At the age of 18 years, he enrolled into the Engineering College at Chicago.

While studying in Chicago, the young man took up a part-time job as a Hotel Detective, during which he stumbled upon his natural talent in Detection. He often assisted the Chicago police in nabbing criminals, including two notorious sisters known to the police as the Linda sisters, who were wanted for a series of crimes. His work in tracking down criminals and assisting the police gave him considerable publicity. Consequent to this, no less than four detective agencies offered Mr. Prem Kumar jobs. But, what proved to be a turning point in his career was his association with Sgt. Emil Smicklas of the Chicago Police. Sgt. Smicklas was his mentor and this training proved invaluable in his later life.

After training, Mr. Kumar was employed by the Michigan Surety Company and successfully tracked down habitual criminals like George C. Miles and Lola Curtis who had jumped bail. Within a short span of time, he earned his badge as a recognized Detective. As a result of his success in solving a number of difficult cases he got a very wide coverage in the Press and his photographs appeared on the cover pages of almost all popular detective magazines of the United States.

Reputed television organizations such as Columbia Broadcasting and International Broadcasting Corporation telecast him. He was later deputed to England as a Senior Investigator in the Anglo-American Detective Agency. Ultimately, his love for India made him discard a bright career abroad and return home with ideas of popularizing Private Investigation, which was then, unheard of in the country.

In spite of opposition from his relations, Mr. Kumar stuck to his decision to start a Private Detective Agency. In this, he was greatly encouraged by his success in solving, what came to be known as the famous Patiala Child Murder Case. Initially, he started a one man agency in Delhi under the banner of International Detective Agency in 1961. This was the precursor of the present all-India Organisation. The assistance which the police received from this brilliant young man in solving a number of sensational cases, like the Mehrauli Murder Case, Taxi Driver Murder Case and others, established his reputation as the number one

Private Detective in India. Later, he expanded the sphere of his activities and rechristened the Company to form Globe Detective Agency in 1965 as a Private Limited Company.

It was now well-known, how the eighteen-year old Prem Kumar who had been sent to the United States to study Engineering got interested in Criminology and ended up as the first and only Indian, trained as a private detective in America and the United Kingdom.

The Company grew manifold over the years under the inspiring leadership of Mr. Kumar and support from his wife and the current Chairperson, Mrs. Santosh Kumar. Today, the Company has earned a legendary name for itself in the field of Private Investigation. Mr. Prem Kumar left no stones and efforts unturned to organize, manage and expand the Company. He had a vision which was turned into reality by selecting a fine team of Officers, Investigators, Operatives and Staff who jointly forged ahead in achieving his vision. By his sheer perseverance, hard work, sincerity and a dedicated team, Mr Prem Kumar expanded GDA operations from one city to another.

On the sudden and unexpected demise of our Chairman and Founder of Globe Detective Agency in 2011, the mantle of the Company fell on his three sons, and all of them rose to the occasion with the same zeal and enthusiasm to fulfill their father’s vision.

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