History & Timeline

Mr. Prem Kumar, Founder & Chairman, established India’s first Detective Agency under the banner of International Detective Agency, headquartered in Delhi. This was a one-man agency with a vision to become India’s leading Security Solutions Provider.
The Company was rechristened as Globe Detective Agency (P) Ltd.
1966 – 1969
Mr. Kumar opened three more branches in Calcutta, Mumbai and Chennai to gain presence in different parts of the country.
1970 – 1973
The positive market response gave Mr. Kumar the strength to open 4 branches, this time targeting Bangalore, Mysore, Hyderabad and Coimbatore.
1974 – 1980
Mr. Prem Kumar decided to expand the business and make an entry in the food industry. He setup 3 food-processing factories in Mysore to manufacture various food items for export. The factories were incorporated under Globe Foods Ltd. and Kodagu Pvt. Foods Ltd.
1975 – 1979
Results of the work produced by him and his team were so encouraging, the Chairman decided to open additional branches in Ahmadabad, Baroda, Pune and Visakhapatnam (Vizag).
The second generation of the family now entered the business. Mr. Kumar’s eldest son, Vivek, at the age of 17, began participating in investigations with Senior Detectives in the field, whenever he was free from his educational commitments.
1981 – 1985
Rapid expansion of the Company and an industrial revolution in the country continued. Branches were opened in Madurai, Tirupur, Pondicherry, and Lucknow.
1983 – 1985
The Chairman’s unique quality was his foresight. While flourishing in the field of detection and physical security, he also realized the growing need of the Electronic Security & Fire Safety Systems. This gave birth to another new venture - Globe Electronics with its factory in Bommasandra Industrial Area, Bangalore where Electronic Security & Fire Safety Systems were manufactured.

Globe is now proud to have its own R&D Wing, Production Shop, Quality Assurance and Machine Shop with state-of-the-art manufacturing.

The Chairman’s second son, Sachit, at the age of 25, joined Globe Detective Agency, immediately after completing his Masters in Business Administration from the Cardiff Business School in Cardiff, Wales.
1992 – 1993
The Company decided to go international. An office was setup in Kathmandu, Nepal. Based on the Company’s track record, they won the sub-contract to install and manage Fire Alarm Systems at the Kathmandu International Airport.
Mr. Kumar’s youngest son, Puneet, joined the Company soon after he graduated with a Master’s in Business Administration from the Cardiff Business School in Cardiff, Wales.
1996 – 2000
The Company continued to expand with branches cropping up in every corner of the country
The Company’s Chairman & Founder, Mr. Prem Kumar, unexpectedly passed away. The Company appointed Mr. Kumar’s wife, Mrs. Santosh Kumar as the Chairperson. The mantle of the Company fell on his three sons.
The company migrated its training Centers in

Chennai - Globe Institute Of Investigation & Security Management.
Baroda - Globe Academy Of Security & Investigation.
The Company expanded internationally with a Joint Venture with Singapore-based Mainguard International (S) Pte. Ltd. The alliance of these two majors saw the birth of Globe Mainguard Alliance Pte. Ltd. The Company was headquartered in Singapore with a network that covers every region of the world.
Revival of Globe’s in-house publication of the 1980’s – GDA Calling
The Organization completed 50 years of service to India and its citizens. .

As a mark of respect to the Founder of the Investigation and Security services in India, Globe Detective Agency has instituted the ‘Best Investigator of the Year’ trophy in the name of Late Mr. Prem Kumar. The trophy has been donated to Central Association of Private Security Industry (CAPSI) and Association of Private Detectives & Investigators (APDI). The award has been named as the ‘Prem Kumar Award’.

The third generation of the family, grandson of Mr. Prem Kumar, Gautam joined the Company after completing his graduation and working in the Finance industry for a few years. He is being trained under the guidance of his father, Vivek and uncles, Sachit and Puneet.

Mr. Gautam Kumar introduces a new vertical of verifying insurance claims for reputed international insurance organisations offering workman’s compensation to workers being deputed to active war zones.
Mr. Sachit Kumar gets elected as the President of the Council of International Investigators (CII) at the AGM in New Delhi, India thereby expanding Globe’s international reach, presence and reputation. During the year, Mr. Gautam Kumar gets approved to be a Qualified Member of the CII.
Mr. Sachit Kumar gets re-elected as the President of the Council of International Investigators (CII) at the AGM in Gothenburg, Sweden.
Globe’s team in Vadodara, Gujarat under the guidance of Managing Director Mr. Vivek Kumar receive the mandate to manage safety and security for the 6th Edition of the OPaL Vadodara International Marathon 2017. The security arrangements were handled with professionalism and sensitivity, ensuring that the Marathon was incident-free and well-managed.
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