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Manned-Guarding Services

Globe Detective Agency has a dynamic team of guards, supervisors and officers. Globe provides well trained guards to commercial areas such as banks, warehouses, industries and many other are areas. We offer our professional security and investigation solution all over India. Our trained guards perform various duties and they all follow certain set of rules and guidelines for quality services to the clients. Globe Detective Agency also offers a wide range of trained security personel for on-premise services such as:

  • Protection against theft, fire, and pilferage
  • Apprehending thieves and trespassers into the premises
  • Duties in front office / reception
  • Maintenance of various records and registers such as visitors’, vehicles moving in and
    out, returnable and non-returnable gate passes, incoming and outgoing materials and scrap
  • Supervision over movement of men and materials at every point of a factory
  • Gas leakage identification
  • Supervision of loading / unloading activities
  • Checking perimeter / lighting arrangements / water drains / sanitary blocks in and around
    the premises

Globe Detective, which was set up in 1961 is one of the best security organization. We are the preferred choice of numerous personnel, business, and government divisions when it comes to providing security officers, security guards, supervisors, and housekeeping services.

These services are given round the clock and Globe can safely boast of ensuring customer satisfaction at the highest level. Globe subjects its security guards to a very strict and exhaustive verification, both internal and external, prior to being enlisted. They are prepared, directed and motivated, other than being thoroughly informed on the extent of their obligations relying upon customer's prerequisites.

Globe's expertise and experience in this field are the result of a strong emphasis carrying out in-house training and development programs. Standard instructional classes and preparation sessions are held by the administrators who consistently screen the effectiveness and execution of the security guards.

Globe has the unmistakable advantage of having a non-unionized workforce and it has been conceivable because of its motivational projects, increased compensation and promotions.

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