25 Apr 2022

How To Detect A Fake Profile Online

Let’s start with the basics – a fake profile is the virtual representation of an individual or a company which in reality, doesn’t exist. Accounts that create such profiles often use identities that may seem unreal but are explicitly designed to attract or get closer to a specific set of audience. The photos they use on their profile are usually stolen off of models, celebrities or even less popular individuals. These profiles can be used to deceive and dupe people, get access to information and data that can be exploited for personal or monetary gain. 

The most daunting part about this situation is that anyone can create and use a fake profile. From cyber criminals to agencies to even one’s peers. All one really needs is some contact details, photographs, and an email ID to get started. And with the pace at which the world is moving towards digitalisation, fake profiles are becoming increasingly common. Thus, it’s imperative for one to be vary of whom they are letting in, into their virtual world. 



While social networking sites are constantly providing means and ways to protect users’ information and data, it’s always advised to be vigilant and watch out for some red flags.

Few to no photos:

A real person often shares updates about their life through photographs with their social network. If those are missing or are scarce, beware, it could possibly be a fake profile. One could conduct a reverse image search, but a professional cyber criminal could make alterations to the photos, thus making them untraceable. 

Recently created profile:

Popular social media sites have been around for a while. So, if the profile that has been created recently, even in the past couple of years, there are high chances that it’s a fake one. 

No mutual contacts:

A profile that has no common interests or contacts wouldn’t try to connect with you. If and when they do, it’s bound to be for malicious or at least odd reasons. 

No interaction post connection:

Interaction between newly connected individuals is natural. If that part has been skipped, then one should keep an eye on them. The person hiding behind the profile probably received the data or information they wanted access to and hence would avoid interactions, so as to not draw attention to themselves.


When one is being targeted by a fake profile, eventually, some truths start to unravel. An individual who is maintaining multiple fake profiles or accounts, in due course ends up dropping the ball and mixing up their lies and stories. 

Today, all social media platforms have an option to report fake or inappropriate profiles. So, if and when a fake profile has been spotted, one must block or remove it from their contact list and report the profile immediately. 

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