25 Aug 2022

Locating A Missing Person

When a person is believed to be missing, the first step the family generally takes is – conducting a panicked investigation of their own. They begin asking questions all around, posting photos on the streets and on the internet, and rummaging through the missing person’s belongings, looking for any clues that could help them locate the individual. An official missing person investigation is only set up once it’s been confirmed that the individual is missing for more than 24 hours.

Every year, there are about 1,00,000 kids that go missing in India. While some may be related to kidnapping and other vile crimes, a lot of them are runaway cases. The rise in stress, anxiety and drug abuse has also been a major contributor to the runaway cases.

A missing person investigation entails high attention to detail and impeccable analytical capabilities. There are three most commonly used methods that are used to find a missing individual. 

  1. The missing individuals’ family and friends take it upon themselves to go out and search for them. While this might seem like the easiest first option, it’s advised to do this alongside a professional, as a layman would not have all the appropriate resources that the police or a private investigator would.
  2. The individuals related to the missing person contact the local police and file a missing person’s report. While this is the formal procedure one must follow immediately, it can take up to several days or even weeks for the police to get a lead on the matter. Another disadvantage in cases of kidnapping is that the culprit often keeps track of the movements of the police. This gives them a chance to think ahead and plan their moves in advance. Also, if the police start getting too close, the kidnapper might end up harming or even killing the victim.
  3. Involving a private investigation agency to solve the case. This by far has proven to be the quickest and the most effective method of all. Owing to the fact that these agencies have a team of professionals who are trained to conduct peculiar investigations, the chances of finding a missing person through a detective are much higher.

What’s tougher is locating individuals who intentionally go missing in order to escape the police, the law, or any such governing bodies. In such cases, the person is hyper aware of their actions and the possible clues they might be leaving behind that could expose them to the police. 

Another category is the runaways. Parents often refuse to believe that their child could run away from home. A wife would continue to defend her husband’s honour, denying frauds that he may have committed that led to him running away from the police. A spouse might run away from an unhappy marriage to be with someone who they love. There are multiple scenarios that can lead to an individual taking such drastic steps to escape. 

Thus, locating a missing person is quite a challenging task that may require professional help. At GDA, we have a team of trained individuals who perform thorough investigations which lead to positive results…and most often the missing person too. 

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