30 Apr 2022


The inception of social media has left the world baffled. People from different continents can now connect with each other at the click of a button, at any point of time. It has given people the ability to explore and express themselves in multiple ways – pictures, words, videos and much more. That’s not all – it has opened up a whole new world for businesses to market their products and services.

But every new technology has a flip side to it. While some may praise social media for the advent of quicker communication, others might focus on the negative effects it has on a person’s mental state and health.




 In this post, let’s uncover the truth about social media – the good, the bad, and the fake. 

Positives of social media:

Speedy communication:

Social media platforms allow one to communicate easily and instantly. Not only can you get in touch with your friends and loved ones, but also reach out to those who are in need of help and guidance, share your opinions and have real-time discussions. 

Platform for small businesses:

Individuals owning small-scale businesses have a place where they can showcase their products to the right target audience. 

Source of entertainment:

Memes, GIFs, reels and Tik Tok videos have opened up new avenues for entertainers as well as the audience.

Triggers social change:

Gen-Z and millennials have realised the role social media can play in promoting change. There have been several instances where the youth have launched social campaigns to pressurise governments and organisations to change their verdict, expose corrupt individuals, improve facilities in the country and fight against stereotypes and biases. 

Source of information:

Social media enables users to turn their attention to topics that can increase their knowledge base.


Negatives of social media:

Addictive nature:

More and more people are spending the majority of their waking hours accessing social media. This has led to a decline in in-person interactions.

Increases insecurities:

Been identified as a major cause of distress and insecurities, social media affects people, especially the youth who feel immense pressure to do something “worthwhile” with their lives. 

An overwhelming amount of information:

Social media bombards users with an overload of information that may be completely irrelevant to them.

Privacy concerns:

Individuals need to be cautious about what they are sharing on social media. A simple slip-up or moment of oversharing can put one’s privacy at risk.

Decline in productivity:

Prolonged use of social media can hamper one’s productivity. A study revealed that the average person spends about 2.4 hours in a day simply scrolling through social media. 

Besides that, with a rise in cybercrimes, social media has become the perfect spot for hackers, con artists and criminals to find their next target. One search can get them access to a user’s location history, photographs, details of their relationships and much more.

In conclusion, while social media has a lot of advantages, it’s imperative for a person to be mindful of how they are utilising the medium.

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