4 Reasons Businesses Must Invest In Electronic Security Systems

Workplaces are sacrosanct to every organisation. The spaces within which a company conducts its business are treated with utmost importance. This is the place where the employees come in every day to perform activities that lead to the growth of the business. It is, therefore, imperative that these spaces are kept safe and protected at all times.

Every business space is exposed to certain security risks. On any given working day, the office of an organisation must permit only verified employees or other essential personnel within its premises. The presence of an unverified person or persons can be a threat to the physical as well as intellectual property of the company. If access to confidential spaces and information is provided to an outsider, it could lead to damaging consequences for the organisation.

It is also essential that the organisation have access to footage of the premises during non-working hours. This footage can be extremely helpful in case any untoward activity takes place.

There are three main types of electronic security systems available to protect office spaces. Automated Access Control Systems (AACS) are card-based, biometric-based or proximity-based systems that enable organisations to control who enters and exits the premises. Closed Circuit Television Systems (CCTV) monitor and record the area being secured. They are like surveillance devices that provide remote access to the user. Intrusion Detection (ID) Systems are alarm based systems that go off in the presence of an intruder at the secured site.

These systems are advanced and are equipped to protect office spaces from security threats. Here are four reasons why each business must invest in electronic security systems:

  • It guarantees employee safety The office is an environment where employees feel safe. In today’s work culture, employees tend to spend more time at the office than they do at home. Hence, it is imperative that companies invest in the safety of their employees. Having security equipment that can verify the identity of those entering the premises can be helpful in making the employees feel secure. It guarantees that any dangerous person cannot enter the office space.
  • It provides recorded evidence In case of any criminal activity at the site, having recorded footage of the incident goes a long way in helping the organization prove the crime. It can save time, resources and money of authorities as well as the company involved. The ready evidence is usually admissible in court and can fast-track the resolution process.
  • It helps control internal theft Having electronic security measures in place can be helpful to the individual employees as well as the organisation. Once there is awareness among employees at all levels, an unethical employee might think twice before engaging in any theft. In many instances, we hear of objects going missing from office spaces. Engaging in security enablement can help organisations avoid such incidents.
  • It is a wise investment Given the potential costs of crimes at the workplace, it is recommended that organisations prioritise and invest in electronic security systems. The financial investment in security enablement is a wiser choice compared to the potential loss of physical, intellectual and financial resources that occur in case of any illegal activities.

Make sure to regularly check and upgrade your electronic security system to ensure the safety of your corporate environment. Globe Detective Agency offers a wide array of electronic security solutions especially suited to corporates and offices. Reach out to GDA for a quick consultation on upgrading or installing electronic security systems at your workplace.

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