Case Studies

28 Sep 2021
Case Study 7

No clues,no discernable signs of motive,nothing was stolen,the Mehrauli Muurder Case is

13 Sep 2021
Case Study 6

In a peculiar twist of fate, what started as a routine pre-marital investigation ended up

01 Aug 2021
Case Study 5

In 1961, GDA was at the forefront of leading one of India’s largest manhunts to

26 Jul 2021
Case Study 4

Missing for 30 days, found within 60 minutes. Previous

20 Jul 2021
Case Study 3

GDA helped recover $100,000 from an errant employee. Read how GDA solved the case.

01 Jul 2021
Case Study 2

Corrupt staff, call girls, and illicit trades. Previous