Our Swift Action Reunites a Desperate Father with a Missing Daughter in 9 hours

On a chilly winter morning, Sarfraz Abaas, a concerned Delhi businessman, sought GDA’s assistance in locating his missing 15-year-old daughter, Parveen, who had been absent for three days.

For this GDA Approach was:

  • Personal Belongings Examination
  • Telephone Number Discovery
  • Suspicious Mechanic Majid
  • Boasting About Wealthy Girlfriend
  • Communal Phone Number
  • Contact in Red-Light Area

GDA’s investigative team initiated the search by examining Parveen’s personal belongings. A crucial discovery emerged—a telephone number, embellished with an initial ‘M’ and a heart pierced by an arrow, scribbled in her notebook. The number traced back to an electrical appliance shop in Chandni Chowk, but it was a shared line for the entire block.

Further probing revealed a missing mechanic named Majid from the neighboring garage, aligning with the mysterious ‘M’ in Parveen’s note. Locals disclosed that Majid often boasted about a wealthy girlfriend but had recently left without a forwarding address.
Despite an exhaustive search of Delhi’s garages, Majid remained elusive until the evening. While interrogating the owner of the communal phone number, the detectives uncovered Majid’s brother, who held a crucial piece of information.

The undercover operation orchestrated by GDA resulted in the successful identification and apprehension of numerous shoplifters, effectively putting an end to further losses. GDA’s strategic approach not only safeguarded the store’s assets but also elevated the overall security environment. This demonstrated their proficiency in efficiently addressing and mitigating security challenges, providing a secure retail environment for clients and reinforcing GDA’s reputation as a reliable partner in combating theft and enhancing security measures.

Majid’s brother provided the name of a ‘contact’ in the red-light area, a potential link to Majid. The detectives, now armed with this breakthrough, proceeded cautiously. Posing as Majid’s associates, they befriended the ‘contact,’ ultimately leading them to Majid and Parveen—bringing a resolution to the anxious father’s quest.

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