GDA Helped Recover Goods Worth Rs. 2.4 Cr

In 1992, a major setback befell a prominent MNC in the oil & gas sector, with a staggering loss of Rs 35 lakhs to robbery. Desiring swift resolution, the company sought the expertise of Globe Detective Agency (GDA). Adjusted for inflation, the value in 2020 amounted to Rs. 2.4 crores. This collaboration highlighted GDA’s pivotal role in navigating complex corporate challenges and restoring security to the victimized multinational corporation.

For this GDA Approach was:

  • Undercover Operatives Deployment
  • Owner’s Complicity Unveiled
  • Strategic Negotiation with Owner
  • Collaboration with Law Enforcement
  • Identification and Surveillance of Scrap Dealer
  • Exposing a Larger Network

Deploying a team of 8 undercover operatives, GDA conducted surveillance on the targeted store, uncovering the owner’s complicity in purchasing stolen goods at a discounted rate. Through strategic negotiation, GDA collaborated with the police to set a trap for the scrap dealer. Subsequent police raids on the dealer’s premises and residence revealed startling details—the dealer had acquired 11 truckloads of stolen material at a 50 percent discount. Further, the arrested transporter confessed to orchestrating the thefts by paying off truck drivers, unveiling a larger network involved in the criminal operation.

Through GDA’s dedicated and efficient efforts, the company successfully recovered 90% of the stolen material. Expressing profound gratitude, the Global Head flew to India to personally commend Mr. Prem Kumar for his pivotal role in the entire investigation. This gesture not only highlighted GDA’s effectiveness but also underscored their commitment to client satisfaction and exemplary service

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