Routine Investigation Led Father to Long-Lost Daughter Connection

Concerned about his son Rajesh’s marriage intentions, Mr. Duggal sought GDA’s assistance for a background check on Meera, Rajesh’s college sweetheart. The aim was to safeguard family interests.

For this GDA Approach was:

  • Immediate Action and Couple Surveillance
  • Insights from the Gardener
  • Discovery of Mrs. Rai’s History
  • Chandigarh Investigation
  • Agra Asylum Revelation
  • Perplexing Coincidence and Revelation

GDA swiftly initiated surveillance on Rajesh and Meera, gathering insights from a friendly gardener. Discovering Mrs. Rai’s past in Chandigarh, the team’s bus journey uncovered limited information. The return to Delhi revealed crucial details—Meera’s mother, Mrs. Malati Rai, was in an asylum, and she was Dr. Rai’s daughter from a previous marriage. The report, when shared with the client, unfolded an unexpected twist—Mr. Duggal realizing he unknowingly intended to marry his step-sister.

The revelation left Mr. Duggal in disbelief. The twist of fate unfolded as he disclosed his identity as Meera’s step-father. GDA’s meticulous investigation not only saved Rajesh from an unintended marriage but also brought a shocking family revelation to light. Mr. Duggal expressed gratitude for the team’s efforts in uncovering the truth.

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