Mehrauli Murder Case: Motiveless, Clueless, Nothing Stolen, Extraordinary Mystery

In May 1961, shortly after GDA’s establishment, Capt. Prem Kumar, accompanied by two enthusiastic policemen, delved into the Mehrauli Murder Case. Originating in 1956, a muffled call alerted the police to a corpse among desolate tombs near Mehrauli. The swollen, disfigured body, displaying signs of abuse, lay stark naked—a shocking scene indicating post-crime manipulation. This unsettling discovery marked the beginning of a complex investigation, showcasing GDA’s early dedication to unraveling intricate and perplexing cases.

For this GDA Approach was:

  • Forensic Challenges
  • Capt. Prem Kumar’s Inquisitive Approach
  • Weapon Recovery
  • Victim’s Dubious Behavior
  • Ambala Investigation
  • Identifying the Mystery Stalker

Forensic efforts aimed at retrieving fingerprints and clues proved futile in the Mehrauli Murder Case. Late Capt. Prem Kumar, intrigued by the absence of the murder weapon and suspicions of the victim being lured, took charge of the investigation. At the crime scene in Mehrauli, armed with a metal detector, he remarkably recovered the elusive weapon after nearly six years. Subsequent attempts to locate the victim’s widow and insights from locals in Chandni Chowk revealed disturbing details of the victim’s inappropriate behavior, providing crucial leads in this intricate case. The investigation extended to Ambala, though initially inconclusive, ultimately led to significant breakthroughs. The narrative unfolded at the Delhi station, where Kumar sensed being surveilled, unraveling a complex web of intrigue in pursuit of justice.

Upon identifying the enigmatic stalker, the team discerned his significant ties to the victim’s family, suspecting him as the murderer. The team hypothesized that his wife played a pivotal role in enticing the victim to the crime scene. Summoned for questioning, the wife, a ‘Dhobin,’ confessed to her involvement as a call girl luring the victim. Shockingly, a group wielding daggers charged at him, seemingly seeking retribution for his inappropriate behavior. Equipped with this revelation, the police swiftly arrested those implicated, culminating in a landmark judgment that brought justice to this chilling case.performing criminal record searches, and analyzing social media. This ensured candidates for sensitive roles were not only qualified but also trustworthy, reinforcing the company’s commitment to a reliable and secure workforce.


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