Our Founder’s Detective Journey Reads Like a Captivating Movie

In his youth in Chicago, Prem Kumar juggled studies and life as a waiter at The Country Club for sustenance. A mishap with distinguished guest George Adams cost him his job. Initially unfazed, Prem reached out to George, leading to an unexpected turn of events. This chance encounter unfolded as the catalyst for a transformative proposition, setting the stage for Prem’s journey from a waiter’s tray mishap to an unforeseen and intriguing future.

The Mystery Unravels

In the bustling city of Chicago, a twist of fate set the stage for Prem Kumar’s transformation from a struggling student to an undercover operative. While working as a waiter at The Country Club, a mishap with distinguished guest George Adams led to Prem losing his job. However, George, recognizing potential in Prem, extended an intriguing offer – a weekly stipend of $40, luxurious accommodations, and a credit card under the alias “Kim Kumar.”

Accepting this clandestine mission, Prem delved into an undercover role, tasked with spying on hotel employees. Along the way, he formed connections with two enigmatic women who claimed to be sisters among the hotel guests. These women confided in Prem, unraveling a tale of fugitive status and a daring plan for a store robbery. Recognizing the perilous nature of his involvement, Prem approached the local police, who offered steadfast support. This decision set the stage for a dramatic climax akin to a cinematic police chase, culminating in the capture of the two women. Prem Kumar’s role as a key witness and provider of crucial evidence showcased his bravery and detective acumen.

Impressed by Prem’s contribution to solving the case, the lead detective not only ensured justice was served but also recognized his potential. This turn of events marked the beginning of Prem Kumar’s official foray into detective work, as he was offered a position as a trainee detective.

From a chance encounter to a thrilling undercover operation, Prem Kumar’s journey unfolded against the backdrop of crime and redemption, paving the way for a promising career in the realm of detective work.


AN END TO A NEW BEGINNING – That is how Prem Kumar became a detective, and the rest as they say, is history.

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