GDA Helped recover $100,000 from an Errant Employee

In 2002, a leading Indian ForEx provider sought GDA’s assistance when an employee reported a $100,000 theft during a train journey from Hyderabad to Chennai. This collaboration highlighted GDA’s role in addressing financial crimes and ensuring the integrity of financial transactions.

For this GDA Approach was:

  • Intensive Surveillance Deployment
  • Identifying False Reporting
  • Precision in Tracking Employee Movements
  • Infiltrating the Employee’s Village for Clues
  • Special Task Force Formation
  • Successful Recovery and Legal Resolution

The GDA team swiftly responded, deploying continuous surveillance to monitor the employee’s actions. Upon discovering the false report with the Railway Police, the employer filed a complaint at Hyderabad Police Station. GDA tracked the employee back to Hyderabad, observing his peculiar behavior. Subsequently, the employee’s early morning journey to his village triggered suspicions. GDA informed the client, and upon intervention, revealed odd movements in the employee’s land. A special task force, appointed for the investigation, exposed discrepancies, leading to the employee’s remand in police custody. GDA remained on standby, ensuring a thorough verification during the interrogation process.

On the 3rd day of interrogation, the employee admitted passing the currency to a confidante who buried it in the village. GDA promptly retrieved the money following due process, submitting a comprehensive report to the Hyderabad Police Commissioner. The Investigating Police Officer’s promotion to Assistant Commissioner acknowledged GDA’s instrumental role in the successful resolution

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