Missing for 30 days, found within 60 minutes

In February 2017, a distraught elderly man sought GDA’s aid to locate his missing son, who had purportedly gone to Pune for work but was unaccounted for. GDA swiftly initiated a comprehensive investigation to reunite the anxious family.

For this GDA Approach was:

  • Immediate Action
  • Highly Trained Operatives
  • Strategic Deployment in Mumbai and Pune
  • Street Operations
  • Confidential Informant Inquiries
  • Swift Location Confirmation

With basic information in hand, GDA’s response was swift and strategic. Highly trained operatives were deployed across key areas in Mumbai and Pune where the son frequented. Operatives hit the streets and consulted confidential informants for leads. Within just 60 minutes, GDA received actionable intelligence pinpointing the son to a small Mumbai lodge. The team observed and positively identified him during an outing. Satisfied with their observations, GDA promptly delivered the heartening news to the father, facilitating the long-awaited reunion of the grateful family.

Following the investigation, the son disclosed his struggles with depression after a divorce. Post-revelation, he underwent successful treatment, paving the way for a joyous transformation. Today, he is happily remarried and embraces fatherhood to a beautiful baby girl, showcasing the positive impact of GDA’s intervention on his life.

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