In 1961, GDA led India’s major manhunt, solving Taxi Driver Murder

In the unsettling night of July 1961, routine patrolling in South Delhi along the Yamuna river veered into horror as vigilant cops stumbled upon the gruesome remains of a taxi driver concealed in the bushes. The shocking sight revealed a twisted and uncomfortably posed body of a young man, leaving the on-duty officers speechless. A deeper examination confirmed his identity as a taxi driver, marking the inception of a distressing investigation that would unravel the mysteries surrounding this tragic and chilling discovery.

For this GDA Approach was:

  • Immediate GDA Involvement
  • Capt. Prem Kumar’s Leadership
  • Identification of Taxi Driver Targeting
  • Massive Manhunt and Taxi Search
  • Discovery of Illegally Stored Country Liquor
  • Cooperation from an Immunity-Seeking Suspect

Amidst a discussion among senior policemen, GDA was brought in to assist in the case. Late Managing Director, Capt. Prem Kumar swiftly took action, emphasizing the vulnerability of taxi drivers involved in illegal activities. A comprehensive manhunt unfolded, revealing a missing taxi containing illegally stored country liquor. Persistence led Mr. Kumar to a nervous suspect, who, during interrogation, agreed to cooperate for immunity. The investigation shifted to Jaitpur village, honing in on individuals linked to the illicit liquor trade. This strategic approach resulted in successful interrogations and the location of the killers, bringing justice to the deceased.

His terms met, the informant divulged chilling details, guiding the team to the mastermind. Persistence paid off as GDA, in collaboration with local police, successfully apprehended the killers, delivering justice to the deceased and closing the chapter on the harrowing case.

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