Background Screening

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It is imperative for companies/employers to undertake employee background screening services to build a secure workplace environment while ensuring that their workforce is comprised of employees who have the right skills and fit the organization’s culture and values. GDA’s Background Screening has achieved a position of eminence with companies across the world. Judging from the high level of confidence, these companies are now able to repose in the performance potential of their employees. It is a timely step with inestimable economic and strategic advantages to a company.

GDA’s Background Screening provides clients with a comprehensive assessment of their potential hires to ensure that they are recruiting the best talent in the industry. Such an inquiry is usually done to verify the credentials and antecedents of job applicants. GDA is known for Background Investigation in India which has become an important procedure and it includes checking of criminal records, driving records, usage of different types of social media and standard of using post, history of the previous job, credit records and checking of all kinds of personal credentials.

GDA’s background screening usually covers:

  • Residence Verification:

This includes physical visits to the applicants’ current as well as permanent residential addresses in order to ensure that the applicants have furnished their correct and complete addresses to the organization/employer. Residence verification immensely helps in criminal record searches and credit reports.

  • Criminal / Police Verification:

This includes discreet inquiries at the jurisdictional Police Stations of the applicants’ current/permanent addresses in order to ascertain/establish whether the applicants have any criminal record/history.

  • Employment Verification:

This includes verification of basic information like the applicant’s dates of employment, job title/designation, job descriptions, remuneration and reason for leaving, etc. Besides this, employment verification also helps in establishing gaps in the applicants’ employment graph, their honesty, integrity, and suitability for a particular role, their skills, strengths, weaknesses etc.

  • Qualification Verification:

Direct contact to Registrars and Administrative Authorities of the cited Universities/Educational Institutes are made to check the veracity of the provided information. This ensures that fake degrees/diplomas/certificates, colleges, dates, and grades are unearthed.

  • Reference Verification:

This includes telephonic interviews of professional references in order to get insights about the applicants’ tangible skills like professional competencies, communication and people skills, analytical problem-solving skills, management/organizational skills, planning & execution capabilities etc. and intangible skills like leadership qualities, dependability, flexibility, punctuality, patience, problem solving, emotional intelligence, dedication, team abilities etc. It allows an employer to have a realistic assessment of an applicant from former employers.

  • Social media searches for reputation assessment and identification of risk/adverse information

Clients can choose/opt to include additional parameters/requisition if required, such as:

  • Verification of Identification Documents – Passport, PAN Card, Aadhaar Card/UID, Voter Card, Driving License etc.
  • Court Checks (Civil/Criminal Litigation)
  • Family Background including marital status, number of dependents, etc.
  • Verification of Activities, for as long as required
  • Gap Year Verification