Integrity Check & Post-Employment Verification

GDA’s integrity check and post-employment verification service offers a comprehensive assessment of existing and ex-employees, effectively reducing the risk of internal fraud—a preferred choice for many clients as part of their organizational standard operating procedure.

These verifications are crucial for uncovering:

  • Missing information about employees omitted during pre-employment verifications due to human error or unavailability of data
  • Reasons behind an employee’s poor performance or negative attitude towards work
  • Deserving employees warranting opportunities for growth
  • Employees’ potential involvement in anti-management activities or pilferage/theft
  • Employees’ intentions to violate non-compete agreements
  • Information related to employees’ participation in ongoing industrial and labor court cases against the organization
  • Potential leakage of sensitive company information to competitors

Why choose GDA?


Our experienced team specialises in unearthing information with precision.


We prioritize the confidentiality of our clients throughout the process.

Legal Compliance

GDA operates within the bounds of the law, ensuring all processes are legally sound.

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