Corrupt Staff, Call Girls, and Illicit Trades

In 2002, a major MNC engaged GDA to probe extensive thefts and information leaks. Despite the assignment, deployed undercover operatives encountered resistance and boycott from company employees, adding complexity to the investigation. This collaboration underscores the MNC’s commitment to addressing internal challenges and preserving the integrity of its operations through GDA’s investigative expertise.

For this GDA Approach was:

  • GM’s Complicity in Information Leakage
  • After-Dinner Document Retrieval by Junior Staff
  • GM’s Unethical Dealings with Family
  • Bribery for Renting Rooms to Call Girls
  • Money Laundering through Unethical Practices
  • Collusion among Errant Employees

Remaining vigilant, the undercover operative (UC) astutely uncovered a scheme orchestrated by the General Manager (GM) who directed junior staff to illicitly leak tenders and pricing information. The UC observed the junior staff returning post-dinner to collect discarded documents, exposing the extent of their involvement.

Following the GM’s activities, GDA revealed his unethical dealings with family and the bribery of junior staff to facilitate inappropriate activities at the company guest house. The team further exposed the money laundering aspect, revealing how the ill-gotten gains were shared among complicit employees.

In conclusion, After comprehending the corrupt staff’s modus operandi over six months and meticulously evaluating evidence gathered by the undercover operatives (UCs), the company decisively terminated the General Manager and the complicit staff. This swift and resolute action underscored the company’s commitment to maintaining ethical standards and ensuring accountability within its ranks.

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