All You Need to Know About Matrimonial Investigation Services in India

The demand for pre and post matrimonial investigation has increased manifold over the past few years in India. Matrimonial investigation services include various services under pre and post matrimonial checks. In many cases, police departments take the help of private investigators to solve marital dispute cases.

The rise in the use of private investigators can be attributed to the large number of matrimonial websites and apps that have popped up in recent times. These websites offer hope and promise to people who are looking to find their ideal match. This shift has provided fraudsters with a new platform to look for victims. It is not uncommon to find people posing as perfect matches and trying to lure in innocent victims. Once the victim is comfortable with the imposter, the imposter usually tries to convince them to share personal details or money and then disappear.

In other cases, partners might hide or fake important details like finances, criminal records, health concerns, addictions, qualifications etc. from their partner. This is also more prominent in matches made through websites since there is rarely a mutual connection that could help validate the other person’s credentials or antecedents. To avoid such unpleasant scenarios, pre matrimonial investigations have become a necessity. A simple process can help someone save years of heartache and a lot of money.

Quite often, in a seemingly perfect marriage, one of the partners may indulge in an extra-marital affair. In such a case, if one suspects that their spouse is cheating on them, it’s best to conduct a professional post-marital investigation.

How does it work?

  • The private investigator starts off the process by verifying the identity of the subject followed by a thorough background check.
  • The background check includes a detailed search into the financial, educational, criminal, character, occupation and medical records of the subject.
  • If everything checks out, but the activities of the subject still seem suspicious, the private investigator would recommend verifying the subject’s daily activities to delve in deeper.
  • All the findings are shared with the client, and the client then gets to decide how they’d like to proceed with the alliance or relationship.

Matrimonial investigators are highly skilled in uncovering information that is crucial to the marriage and can work on various aspects such as:

Motivation checks

Sometimes, one of the partners might get married due to parental pressure while already having another love interest. Such an issue can lead to a lack of trust in the partner and eventually a failed marriage or even divorce. If one has any doubts regarding the motivation or reason behind their partner’s commitment, they can opt for a post-marital investigation.

Extra-marital affair checks

Nowadays, it has become increasingly common for people to have extra-marital affairs. If one suspects the integrity of their partner and would like to verify this, a private investigator works discreetly to find and provide necessary information and facts.

Testimony worthy information

In cases where the client has children and the marriage is leading towards a divorce, having a post-marital investigation can help the client gather the required information about their partner. This information may help the client to get custody of their children.

Background checks

Especially in matches made through websites and apps where one lacks mutual connections, a full background check can help the individual verify the legitimacy and truth of their potential partner.

Looking for a matrimonial investigation agency? Look out for these factors!


Always go with the best! Choose an agency that is the leader in its region and well-reputed. Pick an agency that takes up an investigation in-house versus outsourcing it to people they don’t know well enough. Globe Detective Agency is such an agency that works 100% in-house without any outsourcing or subcontracting.


They must guarantee that all case details will be treated with the strictest levels of confidence and within legal boundaries. The agency should respect the best interests of their clients by using the highest level of proficiency while maintaining client anonymity.


The agency should be candid about all expenses incurred or potential additional costs. In this way, the client can decide whether they will be able to afford the particular agency or not.

Matrimonial investigations can help save a marriage or an individual! Opting for an agency that works in your best interests can do wonders for your marriage.

Globe Detective Agency is a leader in investigative services and works with the highest confidentiality standards and unparalleled work ethic. Explore their premarital and post-marital investigation service offerings today.

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