How To Become An Undercover Investigator

Let’s begin with the basics – who is an undercover investigator?

Undercover investigators or agents are professionals who take on made-up or alternative identities, in order to gather intel for exceptional assignments. Private corporations and businesses employ them to support assignments that are out of the ordinary. More commonly, they’re outsourced by private investigation agencies to be deployed at clients’ and partners’ locations.

While movies and TV shows have glorified the lives of undercover agents, in reality, these individuals go through immense pressure and work in high-risk conditions to complete tasks.

Now, the next obvious question would be – how does one become an undercover investigator? In order to be a part of this profession, one must possess a combination of skills, education, and job experience.

Some of the skills that can accelerate one’s growth in this field include affability, as the investigator needs to be easy to get along with, in order to build connections with relevant individuals, inquisitiveness to ask the right questions, and most importantly persistence, considering some assignments can last through years. Besides these, an individual is required to be physically fit as the assignments can be physically challenging and even dangerous.

Most individuals who are looking forward to pursuing undercover operations are encouraged to gain field experience at the entry level, in order to kick-start their journey in the field. After a period of training in office, candidates are recruited to work alongside senior investigators, directly on-field. Once they receive proper guidance from these established detectives, they’re assigned individual cases, which are generally uncomplicated, in order to get hands-on experience.

While becoming an undercover agent may seem tough, sustaining oneself is tougher. The agent has to detach themself from their true persona and identity.

Oftentimes, agencies end up assigning investigators in communities they’ve been a part of in the past. While this saves costs, the agent is at a risk of having their cover blown by a friend, relative or even acquaintance. The closer an individual is to their home, the more likely it is for them to bump into someone they know in their real life. This can not only affect the case but can also lead to life-threatening situations for the agent as well as their friends and family.

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