Overcoming The Stigmas Related To Pre-Matrimonial Investigation

Marriage is considered to be a big milestone in a person’s life and it’s especially quite a significant event in India. With two families getting together for a big fat wedding, it’s an affair like none other! However, prior to this larger-than-life chapter, there are a number of aspects that must be addressed, to ensure that the marriage as well as the family members are content.

To agree to a life-long relationship without knowing significant details about a person’s past can hamper the couple as well as their relatives’ future. In India, while society encourages people to get married and settle down, checking up on the prospective spouse and their family is often frowned upon. In the past, communities were quite tight-knit and hence it wasn’t a very difficult task to find details about a potential partner. But in today’s time, individuals, especially in arranged marriages, are often worried about what their future spouse could be hiding from them. Yet, quite a lot of families are apprehensive about opting for legitimate background checks through private investigation agencies.

Today, background checks and investigations are conducted in case of recruitments and even rentals, then why not in marriages too?

With pre-matrimonial investigation, one can dig out details about the candidate’s professional, personal, and financial situation – both current and past. This can help them make sound decisions based on facts and patterns, and prepare themselves for the future.

Listed below are some reasons why one must definitely opt for pre-matrimonial investigation –

The rise in matrimonial platforms has unfortunately become a hotspot for cybercrimes. Every year there are a considerable number of individuals who fall victim to a chain of offences. One must be careful of who they’re shortlisting to be their future spouse and conduct a thorough background check before they reach their decision.

Before the nuptials, every relationship feels like a fairytale. But as time passes, one begins to watch their partner’s true personality unfold. Who they really are, their preferences, vices, routine – all of it is something that one must accept and live with. But unfortunately, a lot of people fail to discover these quirks before committing to the relationship, and that’s where the trouble begins. One must investigate their partner’s habits and history with drugs, alcohol, gambling and other addictions before committing to them.

Finances are one of the aspects that are most lied about, before a marriage. Since a spouse’s finances ultimately determine how much support they’d need from their partner, it’s imperative that one conducts an investigation to uncover if and how much they are lying about their money, assets, loans, etc.

Imagine being married to someone only to find out they have multiple criminal records or lawsuits against them. In order to be fully aware of the person’s history with crime, one must run a background check, before officially committing to the relationship.

Thus, this aversion towards pre-matrimonial verification needs to be put behind us. At GDA, we have a team of trained detectives who specialise in pre as well as post matrimonial investigation. These investigations are carried out with complete discretion and the clients are provided with a detailed report at the end. To know more about our services, visit www.globedetective.com.

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