Post Marital Investigations – What & Why

Infidelity is the state of being unfaithful to a spouse or partner. Infidelity seems to be on the rise, across all age groups. A survey data shows that in any given year, about 10% of married people: 12% men and 7% women say they have had sexual relations outside their marriage.

Extramarital affairs have not only become more common, but have also become easier to commit through the internet and social networking sites. There are many dating apps like Tinder and Bumble, where one can easily match with someone like-minded. They can meet and take it on from there. Another site,, is specifically for married men and women to find other individuals to have relations with. The site’s tagline boldly proclaims, ‘Life is short. Have an affair’.

Psychological Impact of Extra-marital Affairs

There have been many cases where having a partner cheat on someone has ruined their confidence, self-respect, and in extreme cases, even their will to live. When two people have shared their life with each other over a long period of time, then cheating on the other can be truly shattering. Often, victims of an extramarital affair tend to blame themselves for the whole situation. They wonder what they did wrong, or where they lacked. This gives a devastating blow to their self-esteem.

The victim of an extramarital affair will find it difficult to trust others. Even if the marriage ends, and another relationship begins, the baggage of infidelity can follow. Extramarital affairs can change the victim’s perspective on everything.

One may look differently at their job, their friends, their life choices, etc. In the long run, this can be either positive or negative. If necessary, they can opt for professional help to deal with the turmoil.

Divorce Cases & Post Marital Investigation

Divorce cases are on a rise in India. More and more young couples are seeking to part ways. Divorces are complex in nature. Therefore, post matrimonial investigation agencies are working hard to carry out discreet and thorough investigations to obtain essential evidence to strengthen a divorce case.

A divorce may be filed for any reason, but one has to build a solid case to prove their point when it comes to infidelity, child custody, alimony claims, etc. Hence, hiring a good post marital investigator is the best way to safeguard oneself.

At times, it is even possible that one’s suspicions are false. The marriage could then be in danger unnecessarily. In such a scenario, the investigative agency could ascertain the facts based on which, the client can take a call on the further course of action..

Why Opt For Post Marital Investigation?

Smooth separation:

A competent investigation agency can help at the time of separation and help in ensuring the process is smooth and hassle-free. The agency will see to it that couples sort things out amicably, and within the boundaries of the law.

Alimony & divorce:

The agency will carry out a detailed investigation for divorce cases. Clients can trust the agency to help in gathering information related to infidelity or in smoothly solving alimony cases. The agency will conduct background checks on spouses to collect proof of income, assets, property, etc.

Child custody cases:

This also helps clients with child custody cases. Detectives get information on the capability and stability of a spouse to have custody of the child.

Clearance of doubt:

On the other hand, if a thorough investigation on a suspected partner does not yield any outcome, then the marriage/relationship can be saved. Hence, either way, an investigation agency is of prime importance in a problematic relationship.

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