The Relationship Between Parents, Children & Cybersecurity

While the internet is an incredible place to gain knowledge, share ideas and explore one’s creative side, it can also turn out to be dangerous, if not used wisely or with precautions.

Due to the pandemic, individuals across the globe were forced to make a shift to the digital sphere. From working professionals to students, people have been spending more and more time online than ever before, often without any supervision. A child getting complete and free access to the internet can be just as terrifying as it sounds. It can put them, the computer, and thus, one’s personal data at risk.

In circumstances like today’s, parents must stay involved in their children’s digital world. They must keep an eye on what applications they are accessing, install parental controls wherever necessary and block or report individuals who pose a threat to them. Owing to the nature of digital platforms, parents, guardians and teachers must take strict measures to ensure the safety of children. Listen below are some actions one can take in order to do so –

  • Educating children about internet safety: Before they engage in online activities, it’s vital that guardians discuss internet safety with their kids. One must establish an online safety plan that lists out clear guidelines, trains them on how to spot red flags and encourages them to have open and honest conversations about the information and content they have voluntarily or involuntarily been exposed to.
  • Supervision is key: Every now and then, one must inspect how their kid is using the internet and its tools. Scanning through their social profiles and posts can give a parent an idea of what the child has been up to and who they’re interacting with. Besides that, one must place these devices in common spaces like the living or study room, with a time limitation on the usage.
  • Reviewing applications and social networking sites: Before the child downloads or uses a new app on their phone, the parent must always review and approve of them. Websites and applications that feature end-to-end encryption, video chatting, direct messaging, file sharing, etc. are flooded with predators and cyber criminals.
  • Use of parental control & modified privacy settings: Parents must control the way certain apps are being used by their child – especially gaming and social media platforms.
  • Explaining the dangers of the internet: In order for the child to follow instructions given by a parent, they must know why they should be following them. Explain to them that the images and personal information they share online will be permanently available or accessible on the internet and can be misused in multiple ways.

Children today are living and growing up in a world that’s primarily cybercentric. Thus, it’s implausible to avoid their interaction with the internet and everything that it encapsulates. However, it is highly possible for parents to keep them safe, secure and keep risks at bay – by teaching them about internet safety.

And in case one suspects that their child’s information is being exploited, they must take immediate actions. One may contact a private investigator, who can help retract the child’s photos or other personal information from the web and even help find the culprit who leaked them.

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