Why It’s Vital To Install CCTV Systems For Organisations

When it comes to the safety and security of an organisation, video surveillance through security cameras is non-negotiable, in this day and age. While video monitoring has been a controversial topic over the years, with an increase in privacy issues, its importance in the corporate world cannot be understated considering the current social and economical climate. Not just that, it also ensures the overall safety of employees as well as possessions of the organisation.

CCTV surveillance is the most preferred type of monitoring that organisations opt for today. According to research, there are about 25 million functional CCTV cameras globally. Experts have deduced that about 67% of robberies that occurred in offices could have been avoided, only by installing CCTV cameras or any such real-time security systems.

Listed below are some of the top advantages that CCTV surveillance can bring to all kinds of organisations, and why it’s vital to install them at business premises.

  • Positioning security cameras throughout a campus can help prevent criminal activities like break-ins, shoplifting, vandalism, employee fraud, and thefts
  • Monitoring what’s happening at one’s office premises can ensure complete peace of mind as the head of the business is aware of exactly what is going on, under their roof
  • If an unfortunate incident ever occurs in one’s premises, CCTV footage is of incredible importance. Not only can the footage help determine the culprit but it can also be used as official evidence in court
  • Sexual harassment at the workplace has been an issue for many years. Installing security cameras across the office can serve as a stern deterrent and also provide the employees, especially women, a safer place to work
  • Installing CCTV cameras can reduce the need to hire additional security personnel in the workplace. Security managers cannot be present at every corner of the office at all times. Thus, a video surveillance system can help monitor productivity without the additional expense of employing extra personnel
  • Settling disputes becomes relatively simpler when one has security footage. Whether one is dealing with feuds between employees or altercations between staff and visitors, one can refer to the CCTV footage in order to discover the truth
  • In a retail business, one can use CCTV cameras to observe customer behaviour more closely. This, in turn, can be used to create and provide a much better shopping experience to the customers. It can also help the owners decide the placement of products across their store. That’s not all – the presence of a security system allows customers to feel more at ease
  • Its cost-effectiveness and scalability makes it the perfect choice, even for smaller organisations. As and when the organisation grows, one can keep on integrating additional camera systems in the establishment
  • All-in-all, CCTV systems are an investment that every organisation must consider

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