Why You Need Pre-Matrimonial Investigation Today

A marriage is a lifelong partnership between not just two people but also between two families. The sole decision of whom you marry can sometimes have adverse effects on numerous lives that are involved in the process. While one may love their partner for all their imperfections and kinks, it’s not uncommon to discover that your partner has some skeletons in their closet – which can dampen one’s ardour and have emotional, physical as well as financial repercussions that can’t be undone. Thus, discovering those skeletons before a nuptial is absolutely essential.

Earlier, members of the families involved would rely on informal sources like word of mouth for the investigation of potential partners. However, with the rise in online dating and matrimonial websites, there is a scarcity of reliable and trusted sources.

Today, people are unafraid of the idea of meeting a stranger via an unknown platform. They often meet their so-called soulmates digitally, fall head over heels in love, and in some cases, even decide to spend the rest of their lives, money, and time on and with them. Therefore, as a caution, families are opting for matrimonial investigation, to safeguard their future and interests.

Another factor that has contributed to the upsurge of pre-matrimonial investigations is the rise in marriage between individuals residing on foreign shores. Learning more about those individuals, their families, and their backgrounds may take strenuous efforts. Here’s where we come in. Our team of professional investigators commence the investigation by verifying the subject’s activities, doing a thorough social media analysis, before conducting in-depth inquiries.

Appointing a professional investigator from our organisation entails multiple benefits that no other individual can provide.

Some of them include –

  • Asset valuation – Economic assurance being every family’s biggest concern, our detectives rigorously inspect and analyse the possessions of the prospective partner as well as their family. After a thorough, yet discreet examination and investigation, our investigators present a detailed report of their economic assets, reserves and more importantly, their liabilities. This report can be crucial while making final decisions about one’s marriage
  • Habits and character evaluation – When one’s legally bound to a person, every aspect of their persona counts. Thus, our investigators are trained in discovering and analysing patterns, behaviour and the nature of any individual in question. This report can prevent emotional or even physical distress that the individual may cause post marriage
  • Family verification – In a marriage, knowing and understanding the behaviour and character of family members is equally important. Hence, our detectives do an exhaustive check on individuals who are closely associated with the potential bride or groom, so that one has complete clarity on what to expect and as a result, can make sound decisions about the marriage.

In today’s day and age, marital crimes are unfortunately becoming increasingly frequent. Trauma from such cases can have lasting effects on the victims. With safe and legal strategies, we at Globe Detective Agency can provide results that can help one protect their future

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